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Key Factors for Successful Logistics – Services, Transportation Concepts, IT and Management Tools
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VII, 308 Seiten, mit zahlreichen Abbildungen, 15,8 x 23,5 cm, kartoniert




31. August 2007

Reihe / Gesamtwerk

Operations and Technology Management, Band 05
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Rechnung, Kreditkarte (VISA, MasterCard, American Express), SEPA-Lastschrift

Logistics is a key enabler of supply chain collaboration. Innovations in this field, such as RFID technology, allow supply chains to increase their efficiency significantly and help to create further innovations in different areas. In this context, an important task is to find structures and approaches which enable all types of innovations in logistics and supply chains for a better fulfillment of customer needs. Another challenge is to handle the growing organizational complexity and the associated supply chain risks. This volume, edited by Thorsten Blecker, Wolfgang Kersten and Cornelius Herstatt provides valuable insights into
planning and optimization of logistic processes, new concepts for transportation and supply chain event management, latest findings in the area of complexity management, insights into innovative IT systems in logistics and pioneering technologies for logistics like Auto-ID. The book for ambitious innovations in logistics with IT!
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